Monday, August 24, 2009

Face Expressions

Yeah Yeah I know it's been awhile again. All you guys been seeing is artwork and no 3D. Well thats cuz we not trying to present any 3d till its like super awesome. Alright well school is about to start next month so there WILL and HAS to be updates more often. Pre-Viz is complete, we have the whole story and visual down and its broad and closed enough for tweaks. (look out for that pre-viz which should be posted very soon) Marla is modeled, UV'ed and in the middle of rigging-ness thanks to Miss Jessenia and our fellow rigger/modeler Christian. So below are some more awesomeness from Brian who did these expressions sheets for guess what? Blend Shapes. VITAL art pieces for getting to know Marla better and for production. As you can see Marla is growing up. This was her final stages and the final approved look for her. Incredible stuff by Brian. Jessenia and I are very grateful for his work and help. Please visit his blog. Incredible artist and incredible person. Cheers.