Monday, October 26, 2009

Silence! Marla Speaks!

Another awesome animation test done by another animator of ours; Doug Rappin. Marla will not be speaking at the end of the final thesis but this here did make us double think it. This clip was from " All Dogs Go To Heaven" and we will like to say we have no copyright over this clip. This was merely for animation test and for fun.

Marla Facial/ Speech Animation Test from Luciernaga Leche on Vimeo.

Fine! you can look.

Here is the released PRE-VIZ to Luciernaga. Yup finally approved to be seen by the public. Jessenia and I are very very proud and hope you enjoy this "sneak peak" at our final thesis. Its hard to make out some visuals being our thesis is heavy on effects and compositing but we promise to make it pretty. Also the music you hear is the first pass at the score for the final piece.

Luciernaga Pre-Viz v013 from Luciernaga Leche on Vimeo.

She doesn't sit still!

Some more great animation tests. These were done by the fantastic Michelle Czajkwoski. A more polished version of her earlier walk cycle test and a GREAT action test. Really bringing Marla to life with some great character. Awesome stuff. Enjoy.

Marla Animation Test Walk Cycle 03 from Luciernaga Leche on Vimeo.

Marla Bored/Action Animation Test from Luciernaga Leche on Vimeo.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

All we need now is a plague of locust

Here we go! Here are a few angles of the final bug model. Incredible Stuff. Thank you Rogelio Olguin. The rigging is being finished off soon enough by our second rigger of the group. Below also are a few colorscripts Rogelio provided for the bug textures.

The Barrio

Here are the latest tweaks I had to do for the environment. I was not liking the way we had it, things were too straight and polished and not cartoony-ish enough. Here are some quick renders of the environment and also some awesome flower/plant models done by Rogelio Olguin.

Keanu Reeves once said WOAW!

As environments are being locked and set up for animation I came up to this shot which is the intro to the forest environment. Following early colorscripts I did, I started designing the layout and feel of the forest. I am working on a second one but for now this is concept art for the forest layout. Its very enclosed and compressed and leaves a lot of room for creepy silhouettes and hidden corners. The yellow dots will be small bugs flying around.

She's alive! She's alive!

Moment a lot of us have been waiting for; the beginnings of animation. Here we have some early animation tests we did with Marla to test out our rig. There were a lot of issues we caught early on thanks to these tests; majority of them being around the skirt area. We have solved these issues and have now distributed shots to our animator and have begun ANIMATION! In the meanwhile Jessenia and I will be doing Look Development and Texturing on Marla and environments. Big thank you to all our animators! Lets make it happen!

For more descriptive explanation on each test, click and go to our vimeo channel to read each videos explanation. More videos on the way as more tests are coming in.


Marla Sitting Animation Test from Luciernaga Leche on Vimeo.


Marla Animation Test Walk Cycle 01 from Luciernaga Leche on Vimeo.


Marla Jump Animation Test from Luciernaga Leche on Vimeo.


Marla Animation Test Walk Cycle 02 from Luciernaga Leche on Vimeo.