Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Oh yes, it is time to reveal your first glimpse at MARLA. Now we were going to post up the model but we felt you guys deserved better. So we will start with a bang and show some expressions one of our animators did (Sean Hannon) and also include a stress test another animator did. (Michelle Czajkowski) I hope you enjoy it and are just as excited as Jessenia and I are to start ramping up in the ANIMATION STAGE of things. Shoutouts to the animators and Jessenia for doing some incredible blend shapes and of course an incredible model. Brian will be proud.

ps. since new names were just introduced, make sure to check out the blog section on the right to see more of their work.

Marla Face Rig Stress Test V001 from Luciernaga Leche on Vimeo.

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